Home Watch Services

Owning a Vacation Home can be "Stressful"

Why take the risk of leaving your home “Alone” for months on end?

Home Watch Services in Fort Myers?

#1 reason

you own a home, condo or RV in Fort Myers

  • Your property is unoccupied for long periods of time
  • You don't have a reliable or insured Home Watch service now
  • You think you don't have a problem because my neighbor is keeping an eye on it
  • You aren't using a Home Watch service now and you think your homeowners insurance will pay a claim for damages while you are gone
#2 Reason

absentee owners of rentals, VRBO's or AirBnb

  • We can document the condition of the property both before and after a booking
  • We know the hassles of short term and long term rentals. If you had a particularly tough booking or move-out , we can document damages for legal or insurance reasons
  • You live out of town and don't have time to do this yourself
#3 Reason

you are a realtor and the property is vacant

  • I have property listed and I think this service may benefit my client
  • Even though the property is listed, the property has issues that need to be monitored
  • This is a rental but in the off season my homeowner really should consider this service
#4 Reason

You are a Property management Company but don't have a reliable way to inspect and report conditions to your client

  • We can create a checklist that meets your reporting needs
  • The report will have your company name as the reporting party
  • Reports are in "PDF" format and easily emailed
  • Our checklist software can easily document move-in's and move-out's saving stress. We all know that housekeeping isn't going to do this for you